In 1987 Raymond Harrison organized the Smithfield Condominium Coalition and began to fight for municipal services for condos. In 1988, the Town of Smithfield became the first municipality in Rhode Island to include residential condominiums in the Town’s trash removal program. Raymond Harrison believes that condo residential unit owners and associations are victims of discrimination when they do not receive all of the services municipalities provide to single family home owners.
Today, most cities and towns have ended discrimination with regard to trash pickup. Raymond Harrison will continue to battle to end discrimination with regard to municipal services for trash pickup, street lighting, snow removal, road repair and fire hydrants. Since the early 1990’s, Raymond Harrison has worked for passage of a bill he has written to prohibit municipalities from discriminating against Unit Owners and Associations.


He has battled on behalf of Unit Owners and Associations in other cities and towns in Rhode Island as part of the battle against discrimination.